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Are ufos real?

Have aliens visited earth and what do they want

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    UFOs are real and have been confirmed by the Pentagon a few months ago. Aliens may have visited Earth, but we won't know for a long time because the government has an incentive to keep these things hidden.

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    There are no sign of aliens, yet, according to NASA. Researchers have been looking for sign of extraterrestrial life for hundreds of years.

    UFOs (unidentified flying objects) are real. When you can't identify a flying object, it is an UFO. Flying saucers are fake. 1 Tell people what they want to believe. 2 Sell merchandise. 3 Profit.

    If you fly in an airplane and lock a camera on a bird, then it will look like the bird is flying really fast in the footage, because the background is moving faster, the closer the bird is to the plane and the farther the bird is from the background.

    Recently the pentagon released UFO footage that turned out to be birds.

    Source(s): & thunderf00t on YouTube
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    Some flying objects are unidentified

    Aliens smart enough to travel thousands of lightyears would not be stupid enough to land here and risk getting infected with our viruses and bacteria

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    This is something you need to discuss with psychologists and sociologists. There is no physical evidence whatsoever that if someone sees something up in the air and they don't know what it is, then it must be from a star trillions of miles away. Therefore the question has nothing to do with the physical sciences. Strange beliefs are a sign of mental health issues and should be discussed with psychologists.

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    UFOs are real in the sense that people see objects in the sky and don't know what they are.  The most common UFO is Venus.  Whether aliens have visited Earth is another question which has nothing to do with UFOs because any civilisation advanced enough to travel through interstellar space would be able to hide from us effectively too, unless they wanted to be seen, and they clearly don't, if they exist.  

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    They are after our cats !!

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    The term "UFO" simply means someone cannot identify something in the sky.... generally, whatever that something is turns out to be explainable - but, a few are beyond explanation.  In that context - yes, UFO's are real.  But, it doesn't mean they're from other worlds. 

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    Yes. Unidentified Flying Objects Are REAL.  As only a FOOL would believe that we KNOW EVERYTHING about Space and our atmosphere, it would stand to reason there are things in those regions, we do NOT know about YET.----And from time to time we will observe some of those things------Nature does not care if we have written them down in our Science books yet.-----And if we do not know what some things are they are "UNIDENTIFIED"

    Even though a real Alien spaceship would be regarded as a UFO.UFO does NOT mean "Alien Spaceship"---That's just a groundless speculation.  There is even NO PROOF they are even from outer space.---

    Only an ignorant fool would say there are NO UFOs, and even MORE ignorant fools would say "UFOs" MEAN "alien Spaceships"-----

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    There certainly are flying objects that are unidentified. 

    There is no evidence that any aliens have visited earth.

    The aliens don't want anything. That is why they have not come here. 

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    Yes, they are real. What they want depends on the species.  Some just want to repair and maintain their spaceships - that's what Area 51 is for.  Others are here & up to no good.  They grab some of us and use us in their dehumanizing experiments, and return us damaged.  Those are the ones we need to avoid.  The Area 51 ones are harmless.  Their aim is not to hurt us, but we stink and they are very offended by our smell, so we shouldn't get too close to them anyway, not that you can.  You can't.  Only the top top U.S. intelligence and highest security gets that privilege, and some don't consider it much of a privilege because it scares the bejesus out of some of them.

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    If any extraterrestrials have visited this place I would not be at all surprised about them leaving as quickly as they arrived...

    They probably left this place appreciating what they have and glad that our "spaceships" are so slow and limited so we couldn't follow them.

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