What are the best back pain relief products for sciatica with herniated disk?

I want to buy my mom something because she has severe back pain and often times has to stay home all day. She wears a back brace that seems to help, but she said even that seems to be getting looser and doesn’t give as much support as it did at first. Specifically, she has sciatica with a herniated disk. She used to go to a chiropractor, but after corona she hasn’t been able to. Any suggestions or list of recommended products would be helpful! I’ve been looking a lot online, but am overwhelmed by all the options. Also, I worry I’ll get her something that makes the pain worse or messes something up. She has had really bad pain ever since I was young and I just feel so bad and want to help :(

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    A TENS machine can provide almost complete pain relief with no risk involved. I have degenerative disc disease and 4 slipped lumber discs and my machine has helped me so much and some days it's made my lower back completely numb.

  • Mike G
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    4 weeks ago


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