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what's a good treadmill brand?

my parents had one and it went up to 10 but I'm not sure if this was actually 10 mph.  sometimes I liked running that fast and wonder if most of the ones that say 8.5 might be to slow/ I worry about the cheapness.  Not sure what size I will need being taller

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    Assuming you're in the US, I did a little research for you (see source links). I have a ProForm but I don't know that it's a super good brand (it was an older model treadmill I picked up for $50 via a Facebook group, due to some people moving and deciding to join a gym). 


    Link 1 is from a search on best treadmills. Do your own search and review other results to see how many articles list mention the same treadmills.

    Link 2 is an article to help you figure out what type of treadmill is best for you (buying guide)

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