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How can I get my one year old to sleep through the night?!?!?

Ever since he was a few months old, my son has never really had a good sleep schedule. I probably didn't help things by letting him sleep with me, but that's the only thing that would get him to sleep. He sleeps at different times every night so I never know how that night/morning is going to go.. He usually doesn't sleep until 11pm or 12am (sometimes even later) and he wakes up a lot in the middle of the night. Like 3 or 4 times most nights... No matter what I do, he will NOT sleep when I want him to. On rare occasions I can get him to fall asleep in my arms but once I try putting him in his crib, he wakes up instantly.. He takes one nap during the day but it's usually for only an hour most of the time.. How can I get him to sleep through the night? I still let him sleep in my bed, but only because I'm so tired that I just put him in bed with me so I can fall right to sleep.

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    If you pay no mind to his cries he will learn that you won't entertain him. 

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    You need to get in a routine with him, of course he's not sleeping through the night, there are no cues around bedtime. Decide what a good bedtime would be for him… it's okay if you have a flipped schedule, but if the late bedtime is just because you aren't bothering, than go earlier. Say you'd like him down at 8 pm, you need to create a routine that is consistent and geared toward winding down and preparing to sleep. Say you have dinner at 6 pm, you maybe have some outside playtime afterwards, then you come in and he takes a bath. After his bath, say 7:15ish, he has a snack, you turn down lights, you put away toys, you turn off the tv, close curtains, etc. 7:45 pm, you brush teeth, you have a cuddle and read a book, then you put him to bed, maybe have a white noise machine or play low lullabies. It's okay if he sleeps in your bed, have that same routine. If you are going to be up later, be in another room so he's not getting stimulated with tv/phone/etc. Have a consistent daytime routine: when he wakes up, maybe you get him dressed first and then have breakfast or vice versa. Pay attention to him throughout the day as you getting on a routine, watch for his tired cues so you can catch when to put him down for a nap... one nap is fine. Just pick a routine and stick to it. 

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