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Is it normal for newborns to hardly cry, and to sleep a lot?

My newborn is about 2.5 weeks old. At birth we rushed her to emergency as she was fighting a bacteria. 14 days of antibiotics later, we went home. We received the all clear but I can’t help but feel like she’s not herself. She literally Never cries and she sleeps through the night, to the point that I have to wake her for feeds. During the day, she seems more active. Maybe I’m just worrying over nothing and maybe I just have a really good baby? A bit of insight from other mothers might be helpful/reassuring to me.

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    Sleeping through the night is considered 5 hours straight &naps are 45 min long . Babies that young sleep and wake often. shouldn't sleep through the night until 12lbs or 3 months as far as crying that helps to build lung strength.

  • Koi
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    4 weeks ago

    No she should be crying at least 50x a day as a newbie. 

  • LizB
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    Mine didn't STTN all night until around 10-11 months, but it's normal for newborns to be pretty sleepy. They're doing a lot of growing in a very short amount of time, and all that metabolic activity is exhausting! Some newborns also aren't big criers. My 2nd baby was like that... just fussed and mewed a little when she was hungry or wanted attention, but that's all. She didn't start really crying until her lungs got bigger, lol.

    Do keep following your doctor's orders about waking baby for feeds, though. Although by 2 weeks newborns have typically regained their birth weight and can be allowed to sleep longer if they want to, some are *too* sleepy and need to be woken up to eat. What matters is your baby's growth curve. If she stays on it over the next couple of weeks and her pediatrician is no longer concerned, then she can probably be allowed to sleep longer. If she still needs to put on some weight, you'll be given continued instructions by your ped.

  • sarah
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    My daughter wasn't sleeping through the night at that age (we were up every 3 hours), but she hardly ever cried during the day, and it wasn't uncommon for me to have to wake her up for daytime feedings. Enjoy it -- in a few more weeks, she might end up with colic, and then, you'll miss the quiet! (Mine had colic AND reflux at the same about a nightmare.)

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    I would imagine it's hard to know what her "normal" is since it sounds like she's been sick most of her life so far. I think being in contact with her pediatrician is a very good idea, most doctors will probably want to see a child in the office within a few days of coming home from a lengthy hospital stay... especially a newborn. Some babies really do sleep through the night that young, my sister was one of them, slept through the night from the day she was born. Given the recent illness though, I think I'd err on the side of a bit more caution, ask if you can bring her in to be weighed weekly for a few weeks to make sure she's gaining weight. Generally speaking, if you are changing wet and/or poopy diapers at least 8 times a day, her temperature is normal, she's not pale or lethargic, she's got some alert times then she's probably doing just fine. 

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