How to attach something to Corrugated metal and not leave gaps behind it?

I recently built a shed and put up corrugated metal walls. The type of metal I'm using has no flat surfaces. Lots of "hills and valleys" if you know what I mean. I want to attach an outside light and a few other things the outside but in doing so there will be lots of "gaps" behind it. Perfect for bugs/dirt etc. I could put in tons of silicone sealant..but it seems such a waste. Is there a company/product/piece of wood or plastic that I can mount to the light and then have it fit perfectly into the wavy pattern of the metal?

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    hardware.  take picture of what you've got.  some brands have a 'filler strip' available that is for this purpose when the metal is used for roofing

  • Anonymous
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    You can purchase filler strips made for the job to match the pitch and profile of your sheet. Look for accessories for the brand of sheeting you use. You can cut your own but life is a bit too short for that kind of thing.

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    You can get mouldings made for this purpose, they fit the corrugations on one side and present a flat surface on the other to mount whatever you want.  Or you could carve a piece of wood to do the same.  That's what I did, being bored one day, the wood was heavy treated and has been in place for years.

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    Attach  a flat piece of sheet metal to the corrugated metal Then put the box for the light on the fat surface use silicone to seal the hole for the EMT that should be used to penetrate the corrugated metal DO NOT  USE ROMEX it is telling that a pure unknowledgeable rookie installed it if you use ROMEX ALWAYS USE EMT for applications like this .never NM TYPES OF WIRE .Use silicone on the upper and lower contact areas and to seal the home for conduit You can get creative and cut some sheet metal to fit into the low parts of the metal making a sealed box basically that would hide and also seal the area where the conduit would pass through .Or just leave the side parts open Overall it's better than mounting a elec box in a uneven surface Of go to depot go to where the plastic corrugated panels are There you will find both scalloped wood and even foam specifically for corrugated products .The foam won't last but a few seasons of it's expsoed The wood is red wood usually so it can take more abuse than the foam One side is flat one side is scalloped to fit into corrugated panels both fiberglass and metal panels .problem solved and a lot less silicone .

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    Yes, several companies make soft plastic strips that go between the pieces to seal them off .  If I understand your question .

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    if you type this on the search bar it might show you how to do it

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