without being disrespectful what are some reasons that a few women choose to be with black or hispanic men? i respect black men 30 %?

in the dating world(which is true)

a lot of  women choose a white man because they are attractive and make cute babies according to them

but when it comes to a black man  i guess its about less than  40 % percent of the time they find them attractive(speaking about online dating)(its sad when they don't get replies  it could be tinder, badoo, hot or not, blendr etc)

although i am not racist i choose to be with them, only the smart educated (white men) because  the racist ones get on my nerves, and yes i'm not black

tell me about why hispanic men are less desirable, its factual 

i only find argentineans, cubans who are european, and uruguyans of italian descent to be hot, i would date a mexican man but that is not very likely with me because i do not speak any spanish! i have no time for rudness if i get a rude answer , i also find chinese, japanese men to be attractive too but they are not my type!  


understand that these are bad experiences with black men, so i only want positive answers, or be reported, my ancestry  is german, italian and dutch

Update 2:

and i have respects for hispanic culture,  i don't care if i get called a gringa, they are immature asf

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  • 4 months ago

    Since you gave a legit question I'll answer it and I want you to answer my question back.

    Some of the main reason why Women choose out of ethnicity or different culture men, it's mainly because they like them. Just in general. Maybe they want a different experience. Just the same reason why you choose who you choose, because you like them. 

    Now to my question. Why do you not find Asian men your type?

    Are you suggesting that we are not capable, maybe to small or is it because of our personalities? I never really understood what "type"

     was I thought it was just "Not attractive" or "Can't Relate"

    But putting a whole race behind it . . . I smell ignorance.Once you do answer my question I'll give you a information in which you may have never knew, about different culture relationship.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    There are bad experiences with cracker men. They ain't special.    

    As for dating, the female looks PAST the color. She looks inside him.  Is he a good guy. Does he treat her respectfully, is he a gentleman, etc.

    .  That matters more than babies for all babies look cute.   You may not know this but Sophia Loren was an ugly baby. Almost ape like, so hairy.  And yet she turned out to be a beauty without plastic surgery.  You never know.

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