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what is the best way to remove a hacker because the abuse is getting bad?

i have  a good anti-virus program, but its not enough to stop whoever is saying racist stuff to me, i tried desperately to ignore who these male computer programers are and it wont stop, how much does a windows installation disc costs for windows 10 that is what i have and its a dell!


my mom doesn't have the money to buy a strong firewall, and i don't either she forgets to buy me disks so can anyone help me out please

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  • 3 months ago

    You don't need a Windows installation disc just download the Windows 10 media creation tool it's free insert a USB stick of eight gigs or more and allow the media creation tool to make you a Windows 10 installer then boot to it delete all partitions that you see and then click the word that says new and then click install Windows 10 will install and you will have a new Windows 10 installation you should get a VPN that way a hacker cannot see your IP address which he has and it's using to Target your computer if you get a VPN he will not be able to see your computer on the Internet or access it and if he should figure out one of the IP addresses of the VPN you can change your VPN to another country

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