Why do people on black lives  matters think irs ok to get in people's faces and shout black lives matters?

I'm not a racist, not a bigot but I have a bad temper  and hate being disrespected  especially when people shout black lives matters. What if I shouted white lives matters to black people they jump on me. People always getting attitudes. In fact white people do it the most and I'm white. I have been in every fist fight there has been to man. I've been jumped, stabbed etc.  People dont need to disrespect are flag and burn it. I drive by a protesters flipping people off. Worst of all is antifa which destroys things in the name of hate not race. I really think we are in the end times 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago


    Thosė trouble maker's know nothing buť

    fôrcing their d@mn way through viôlėncė

    & brute force which is all n!gr0's årė gôôd 

    for @ all!


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