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Need room divider ideas?

I need to convert a 2 bedroom apartment into 3 bedrooms.

I need some kind of STURDY dividers, that dont require any drilling, cutting etc to the apartment.   The dividers themselves can be altered.

No curtains or accordian style room dividers.

Are there like some kind of cubicle panels that are floor to ceiling (or at least almost to the ceiling)?   Like the cubicle panels they use in offices..  Just taller?


Again...  It needs to be STURDY.   To resemble an actual wall as much as possible.

An Oriental wall divider WILL NOT WORK

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    only one possible solution. YOu need a wood frame ( 2x4 typical wall structure) and WOOD PANELLING.  Yup they still sell it. Its cheap and comes in many colors and will fit in your car. Ive been looking for a similar solution, there are BARN SLIDING doors, and such but all very expensive. YOU CAN build a wall structure pretty darn easy. Instead of 2x4's use 2x2's. That would make it strong but if it fell it wouldnt hurt anyone and y ou dont have to put more than a few good nails in the  attaching walls. The office cubicles and stuff are horrible expensive. MIND YOU, you COULD use small steel brackets to hold up JUST the wood panel ( its like really thick cardboard with a fake finish) THINK---- putting up a shelf with steel  brackets under it BUT your doing it sideways instead of horizontal on a wall. The brackets would just keep the wood panels in PLACE, and maybe you could have the un anchored wall have like ONE wood beam holding it up.?  Still, accidents happen and a wood structure wall frame would be much better. If someone fell against just the panel with brackets, they would pull the brackets out of the wall and then you  would have to patch and paint etc., 

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    Build freestanding closets floor to ceiling, single sided or back-to-back for each room and sandwich sound insulation board between. Ikea do 7ft ready made closets. Although tailored these would be completely loose furniture, but because of their wide base they can't tip over. Pack Rockwool (insulation) under and over and all around and face up the raw edges. Wedge everything into place and it will be sturdy enough to hang doors from.  Purists won't like it but they don't have to worry about rental agreements. The trick is to have sufficient 'wings' or returns in the wall to make them stable. 

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    They make several kinds of removable, movable, semi-permanent walls--all VERY expensive. Unless you have shop equipment--such as a chop saw--and building experience, any wall you try to buy is going to probably cost you more than you can afford.  Why not, instead, line up several shallow-depth bookcases in a row?  You can pretty much buy whatever you need at most places that sell furniture you put together. (Check Ikea!)  Not only will the bookcases divide the room, they will provide a lot of extra storage. Or instead of using actual bookcases--MEDIA STORAGE cases are much 'thinner'. They would just about be the same thickness as any wall you might put up--only 5-6" inches deep. Storage boxes on the top of them could reach right up to your ceiling. You could anchor them to the floor with L-brackets so they wouldn't move. 

    You can also check Ikea for unique and interesting room-divider ideas that aren't furniture.  They have numerous 'tips' about this on their website. There are 'tracks' that hold heavy curtains, shelving units that go floor-to-ceiling, rolling dividers, and a lot more. 

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    Use Acrow props standing on a 4x2 timber laid flat on the floor and the same on top. Screw these up tight (not too much as it may lift the ceiling!) to stabilise. Then make a framework  between and clad with OSB or ply both sides and insulation between using screws; decorate to match your rooms. Lots of instuctions on youtube.  

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    You can use 'pressurized walls' which is a slightly misleading term for wall partitions that wedge themselves floor to ceiling and wall to wall and stay in place without fixings. Offices are routinely partitioned in this way. They look like conventional walls, have doors in them etc.  Or look at mall hoarding that are used in shop fitting - telescopic panels that contractors install to work behind and most people don't even realise they are there.  A couple of points: you may break building codes if the new layout compromises ventilation (access to windows) or fire safety, and bear in mind they can add to the floor loadings. Check second hand office suppliers, but these are in demand at the moment for temporary covid screening in workplaces.

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    Get 4' x 8' pieces of plywood and paint them. Put a dresser and bed/headboard on each side of the plywood wall to hold the plywood upright. Put felt pads on the lower edge of the plywood as not to scratch the floor. 

    P.S.the other answerer and I coincidentally have the same screen name.

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    Get a Chinese or Japanese screen.

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