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Implantation ?

Can any give me some guidance?

Ovulated on the 23rd.

Period predicted to start on the 6th.

Had light blood the 3-7 (bright red/pink in color only seen on paper. Didnt even have to wear a liner. No clots. 

Wouldn't see blood every time I went. 

Brown blood on the 8th for two bathroom trips. 

My "normal" is 5-7 days always on time if anything a day late.

Heavy on days 2-4. Bleeding through pad or tampon. Bright red to dark red with some clotting. 

Could this be implantation or just a light period?

Now 7 days late for my "normal" period but still getting negative pregnancy test.

Hate not knowing what's going on.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    That sounds like too much blood for implantation bleeding.  Implantation bleeding is just a few drops of blood that releases when the egg implants on the uterine wall.  In many cases, it is such a small amount of blood that the body often absorbs it again before it even makes it out.  Implantation bleeding does NOT happen to every woman and only about 30% of women notice it and correctly identify it. 

    It sounds like you had a very strange and unusual cycle.  You should start monitoring for signs and symptoms of your next ovulation.

    You can keep taking pregnancy tests once per week also since that period was so strange compared to your normal ones.

    If your period doesn't return to normal on the next cycle - contact your doctor for advice.  (Or if you have pain or any unusual symptoms - be sure to contact your doctor.)

    BTW - at seven days after implantation bleeding - a pregnancy test would be positive if it was actually implantation bleeding.  Since tests are still negative - that was not implantation bleeding.

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