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why do ppl want things to stay locked down?

i live in cali and everybody's really scared of the coronavirus even though it has less than a 1 percent deathrate. but things continue to be shut down, and vast majority of ppl I've talked to irl and on facebook etc believe things should be shut down and they're always sharing all the morbidities and patients w complications and comparing ti to HIV/AIDS. Which to me is not a fair comparison as HIV in the 80s before treatment became widely available was always a death sentence leading to AIDS, but covid does not always or even most times lead to death and complications. sometimes i think ppl want it to be deadly bc they don't want to go back to regular life and living and enjoy things being shutdown. thoughts?

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    1. To stay in lockdown means taking safety precautions and well to stay safe.

    2. For some people, the "normal" lifestyle which is probably busy is too much for them, and being in lockdown means having some peace and quiet in their lives.

    3. Or there maybe other reasons why that are unknown.

    Hope this answered your question! Stay safe <3

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    You're answering your own question, Blue.  "...vast majority of ppl I've talked to... believe things should be shut down and they're always sharing all the morbidities and patient's w complications and comparing it [COVID-19] to HIV/AIDS."  This is why "majority of ppl" want things to remain in lockdown. 

    Today, for example, 700,000 new COVID cases occurred in just ONE DAY, with one ER doctor reporting to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell of "The Last Word" that a 20-year-old in her care had died in spite of a whole team of professionals trying to save his young life.  Instead of complaining, perhaps you could volunteer in some capacity, maybe give some of the overwrought medical staff a much needed "nurse's day out" just to relieve their overwhelming trauma and stress.  

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    I want coronavirus eliminated so that we're done with this mess.

    If it takes a long shutdown to do that, fine.  Then the pain of this current situation is over.

    That's much better than going on multiple lockdowns, interrupted by reopenings, like some states have done.

  • Mark
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    4 weeks ago

    No one WANTS things locked down indefinitely (are you trying to be edgy, or do you really think that?), but no one wants to die, either.

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    It will all be over November 4th, 2020.  

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  • John
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    I read your question and responses.

    the virus hasnt gotten all the right people and people atill want to hide from greedy stupid lazy kooks.

    once the cities burn unimpeded you'll see humanity trafficing the outdoors again.

  • Prince
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    4 weeks ago

    They all psychologically wish to be controlled by Big Brother. They're weird like Pacific Heights High kids getting all turned on by Nazi anthems and swastikas. Like weird on it. Turned on by Hollywood's Silver Shirts. A Strong Man to rule them and beat them with his iron fist and rule them rather than a gentleman to lead gentlemen for they are not gentlemen.

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    Maybe it is like you say,people do not want to go to work.

    They can do it at home.

    This will be here 1 to 2 years more with no cure.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The problem is that it does have a reasonably high mortality tare.  It's over 1%.  On top of that, it looks like 10%-12% of people get it require hospitalization and intense treatment.  You can't take a ventilator home.  The patient has to be monitored 24/7.  And complications are both serious and long-term.  This runs the risk of overwhelming the health care system in addition to the possibility of millions dead or having to move forward with very serious health issues.  Simply going back to the way things were won't work.  We have to adapt and develop new methodologies before it will be safe.

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    You really have missed the point.  It's not so much about the morbidity rate, it's about the overwhelming of our clinics, ICUs, and morgues.  We are the point in some States where people suffering from other than COVID-19 are also put at risk because caregiver resources are strained to the breaking point.

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