Are woman usually turned off by divorced men?

So I recently went through a rough divorce with my wife because she didn’t love me anymore. I’m worried about finding another woman with a divorce on my record now. I heard having a divorce on your record turns off woman, as there’s usually a good reason for a divorce. Wouldn’t someone with a divorce on their record make you skeptical of someone? Like if your an employer and see someone has a record, would you hire them? Similar analogy. Also how can I trust that a future woman I meet won’t divorce me too, woman clearly have the power to be evil and break your heart 

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  • Helen
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    4 weeks ago
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    "Like if your an employer and see someone has a record, would you hire them? Similar analogy"

    Not at all the same. One is a conscious decision to do wrong. The other is just a decision that didn't work out. Many things contribute to the end of a marriage and very rarely is divorce entirely one person's fault.

    Now, multiple divorces might be a different story... More than two or three is a pattern. More than two or three might indicate that there is a reason why he can't hold down a marriage.

    You don't need to worry about the one.

    Many people divorce and go on to find new partners.

    "Also how can I trust that a future woman I meet won’t divorce me too"

    You can't. That's the point. All relationships are a gamble that may or may not pay off. It's a risk we take when we feel it's worth it.

  • rick
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    4 weeks ago

    When my ex wife moved in with her BF and divorced me,  I was suddenly and inexplicably fairly popular. I assumed it was because of my divorce. I haven't seen any divorced men that had trouble getting dates.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If you have a rough time with a women you should learn your lessons and never go back in the same path again as women are disaster and nightmares. Find a man who will give you much peace and love and being in a warm arm of a male is a pleasure and sex is hot as well 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Best to present your divorce rather than separation status as that’s more likely to pose a problem. You’re not alone and may find someone with a similar story or willing to help you start over. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    No but yahoo is generally turned off by someone spamming the same question over and over as you are doing.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your Marital Status has nothing to do with you Job Hunting. Qualifications, Skills and Experience acquired.

    Has for us women. I personally don't have a problem with a divorcee, reason being I was engaged before and I know the relationship challenges, ups and downs. Maybe a Girl who is new in the dating world will judge you but Woman who has dated, committed will understand. 

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