Ex wants to work on us but stay single for time being ?

So my ex broke up with me a month ago now, after a few messages of me trying to convince him to stay, I gave him the break up & let him be. He came back this week & wanted to meet & we got drunk and I stayed over as I think it started to hit him that he’d lost me. We went for a walk yesterday and he poured his heart to me on what he is willing to do to build this relationship back. We have been together 4 years on and off and are best friends so it’s not been easy. He said to me that he wants to stay in contact, talk and see eachother but made it clear that we are BOTH single & he will see how he is with me in due time whether he thinks it will work. I’m a very emotionally invested girl & I love this guy to death so I had questions. “Are you going to take other girls out?” “Are you going to actively speak to other girls and potentially sleep with them?” .....being a girl & being absolutely in love with this man, I know he is entitled to do so, but why would he if he wanted to build things with me? 

I’m entitled to do the same, but why would I accept a date or sleep with someone else if it could jeopardise US. 

He said he wouldn’t want to jeopardise it either but said if it did happen, I would have to accept it as he is SINGLE. I know for sure, I cannot wait around, knowing he’s sleeping with other girls until he’s ready. 

Am I ok in saying this is fine but if you get one feeling you want to take another girl out or whatever, I’m OUT. I’m not a fool!!?? Is this acceptable? 


He is a very mature man and so i dont entirely believe he is out to sleep with lots of women and come back to me when he is ready. He said he needs to think everything through because really, i did him wrong. He said he needs to work on himself to see if he can put it behind him or NOT and that in the long run it will help us because at any moment he thinks it can’t work, he will let me know 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Nobody has a ex and their is no such thing as having a ex.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    🥴 You're optimistic. 

    I would probably have cut ties as soon as he said you would have to accept it as he is SINGLE.

    It's a clear indication he's a pig and wants freedom but an occasional live in gf when it's convenient.

    Cut ties and move on. He's not a faithful or a suitable choice to stick around for. And the thought of him screwing other women will drive you mad.

    Take this time to get over him while you can.

  • 3 months ago

    Read the Bible. It is very wrong to be going out with more than one.

    Then again IF a couple are found in bed together and not married to each other, then Death is required for both of them!   Certainly Not being Obeyed these days! 

    Do both of you believe in GOD?  If not, this means then there is Not real LOVE with you two also.  LOVE comes only from and with GOD! 

  • Helen
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    He wants to have his cake and eat it. Please realize you deserve better.

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