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How to know when a second chance is right? ?

I broke up with my finance months ago. We were high school sweetheart and planned on getting married, (was engaged). Well I broke it all of months ago because we lost ourselves and he had so much to work on. He had anger issues and it felt like a one sided relationship. Like all relationships it's never an easy ride and nothing is perfect. It wasn't an easy break up but I think it really help find ourselves and we are happier now because of it. Well fast forward today. I saw him today briefly. He looked well and he said he was thankful for me breaking up with him because he honestly thought he would never lose me and he just let things go while we were together. He started to do more hobbies and seems genuinely happy. I guess my father and him also have been secretly talking too after the break up? Lol. Anyways how do you know if a second chance is right? Or do I believe someone has actually changed for the better and will continue to strive to be better?

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    Pray to GOD and ask GOD of this!  For GOD knows far more than we do! 

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