Boyfriend liked girls Instagram picture?

Hey guys, I know this seems very dramatic. 

But, my boyfriend and I are both 18, known each other for 6 years and in a long distance relationship. He is from America, I am from England. 

I noticed earlier after a bit of stalking that he liked a picture of this really pretty girl, who lives near him, wearing a crop top from early July. We have been officially together since early March.

I only got worried and suspicious as after previous stalks, I’ve seen that he NEVER likes any girls pictures, and this is the first one of hers that he has liked. 

So I got worried why he’s suddenly started to like a girls pictures, especially seeing as she’s the ONLY girl who’s pictures he’s liked. 

Guys, and girls, am I being too dramatic?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Best to pray to GOD and ask GOD about this. GOD knows far more than we do. 

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