What happens for European qualifying spots if City win UCL and Man Utd/Wolves win UEL?

Trying to figure out what the lowest spot Uefa Europa League could go to, now that City's UCL ban has been overturned..

I know they've already won the League Cup, which due to their league position, effectively gives their Europa spot to 6th Place.

So if City win the UCL, does 5th place get a UCL spot (as they've already qualified)? And what if Wolves/Man Utd win the UEL, does that mean there's an extra UCL spot also?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    If City win the CL then 5th doesn't get a spot, nothing would chang except both Liverpool & City would be in pot 1 next season. If Wolves or United win the EL then they will be in pot 1 also, and if they finished 5th then the top 4 + the EL winner would be in, the max any association can have is 5 teams, the only way to get in aside from finishing top 4 is to win the EL. EL qualifiers are 5th and 6th + the F.A Cup winners, if the cup winners qualify for the CL then the FA Cup EL spot goes to the runners up. if 5th or 6th qualify for CL by winning EL then the next highest position, so 7th would get the spot. 

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