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Why do women choose their husband over child?

If it’s multiple children she usually chooses the kids because that’s the only morally correct thing to do. If it’s only one kid then she usually picks her husband. I’m talking about 20-29yo and smaller kids.

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    You are describing a specific scenario: a parent choosing their partner over their children, not an accurate generality.

    People bring their own histories and all the s*** that entails into all their relationships, romantic, children, etc.

    If both parents have a healthy mindset, they don't choose one over the other.  Both types of relationships(romance and parenting) are completely different, both have different types of expectations, wants and needs, both are equally important to maintain a healthy family unit.

    That being said, children are dependent, adults obviously not, its comparing apples and oranges.

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    4 weeks ago

    We decide whom our husband or wife shall be.  

    GOD choses whom our child,  children, will be. 

  • People might disagree, but the husband should always come first. Who did you have the kids with hmm? The kids wouldn't even exist without the husband. Yes mothers love their kids and would do anything for them, but they’ve known their husband a lot longer and he is everything to them. Your spouse should always be your number 1. 

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    What is the context? This question doesn't explain anything. It is stupid.

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    4 weeks ago

    One of my Ex’s choose her boyfriend over her child, the kid had to be put in care because of convictions the boyfriend had meant they couldn’t live in the same house and he didn’t want to move out, it wasn’t the kids dad. Crazy people in this world but I don’t think it’ll be as common as you think, most parents are loving and would choose their child

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