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is this normal?

so i was really depressed for about a year until 2 months ago. i kicked every toxic person out of my life and learned how to love myself and be happy. i did all of this sober which i’m pretty proud of myself for. i’m really happy now and when everything goes wrong, i still have a smile on my face and i believe with everything in me that it’ll pass and it’s just character development. sometimes i have nights that are just not happy, but i can’t put on my playlist and cry anymore. they don’t affect me. nothing affects me. i have nothing to be sad about anymore. like it sounds so weird but i want to feel sad some nights and cry myself to sleep. is that normal or am i just really weird? it’s honestly terrifying that i have absolutely nothing to be sad about, that i feel happiness 24/7. i really don’t think i deserve it tho bc i see so many other people fighting their battles for so much longer than i do and they need what i got. anyway i would just like to know if it’s normal for someone to want to feel pain for a little bit

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