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She has acute dementia and have mood swings....?

I am a home to home domicilliary carer and I have this elderly lady client. How come she says we carers are all so nice and the next minute, she says some of us are useless because we don't talk to her and start conversations, all we do is sign the timesheets and task documents then out of the door. 

She says that when SHE was young, she did the same job in a care home and she didn't make her clients feel lonely like that. I told her that remember we don't have time because it is so busy and we have multiple addresses to go to and sometimes so we can only complete basic tasks than to sit and chat. And then we talked about her family situation a bit and then she went back to about our service and she said that I am the only one who really takes my time to sit down instead of just getting things done and go. I don't do many hours that's why i can stick around. 

We sometimes used to talk and have interesting conversations, talk about her jobs, her family and what she's going though with them etc. but sometimes I had to rush because I do house to house care for the clients. Idk, I feel like I phucked up and start to wonder why nobody likes this job and see why people will rather work in a private setting where you stay at the clients home some hours a day instead of jumping door to door to different clients. I also have 4 years experience working on and off on this role so it's very bad that I' still getting these kinds of complaints.

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    Sadly, mood swings are part of dementia. You just have to learn to go along with what they say and not upset them. It's nice when there are a few moments of normal lucid conversation.  If she is a wholly social-services funded client, she won't get the amount of care she needs because government has repeatedly cut councils' social care budgets to the bone. I know someone who is both disabled and virtually blind from diabetes who gets just 2 half-hour visits a day. They recently cut it back to one but had to reinstate following a new risk assessment.  It's still dangerous because he has to turn the oven on and put food in without being able to see clearly enough. Then he can't be sure if the carer will be early or very late.  As you know, 1/2 an hour is insufficient to medicate, cook, tidy up, chat, and do the paperwork. Only in the private sector with relatively wealthy clients can a humane level of care be provided.

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    A person with dementia may have a painful condition but may be unable to explain it or describe it.The examples of conditions that can cause sudden changes in the way a person behaves his mental unstableness , Some times , such Sudden changes could be a sign of an infection, pain, or side effect of a medication too.

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    Just let her do it. All to us no problem

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