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Why does my nephew love me so much? I suck as an aunt and person?

My nephew said that “he want to be like me when he grows up, I’m his favorite aunt, & he wanted me to go home with him.” He always wants to sit near me & play games with me. He doesn’t understand what marriage means still and asked if he could marry me lol. How cute?! He was crying and crying because he wanted me to drive home with him and the family for 13 hours. He’s 8 years old. No one has ever loved me like this. I just don’t understand what he wants or sees in me. I’m an awful person and aunt. 

This is an awful question, but why me? Why love me so much? I’m nothing special and I feel so bad. I’m 24 & I’m not the most amazing aunt. I hardly call or visit anymore. My siblings are better aunts and uncles. 

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    it's sometimes difficult to say why kids develop attachments to certain adults over others. i think its probably either something to do with your personality, or how your sibling (his parent) might talk about you in your absence. you might embody some traits that he normally doesnt see (or notice) in adults in his day-to-day life and it fascinates him.

    if your nephew genuinely likes to spend time with you, you shouldnt consider yourself a bad aunt. i would like to encourage to call your nephew more often, but we do live in stressful times so don't feel too bad about falling out of contact at times.

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