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Adopting a teen from foster care?

I am starting to look into adoption through foster care. It is something I have always wanted do, and I am especially interested in adopting a teen because I know that they have a harder time finding families. The only issue is that i'm only 24, almost 25, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience adopting a teen that is potentially only 8-12 years younger than you? I Know there would probably be some issue with authority, but I also think that being closer in age could help us bond easier since I still want to do fun stuff and haven't turned into an "Old" person yet. My states only requirement on age is that you must be at least 21, there is no mandate on how much older you have to be than the child you're adopting. Any thoughts or opinions would be helpful.

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    The child should be at least ten years younger than you. I'd go to some local classes on adopting first.

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    Speak with social services about their requirements. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Be prepared for damaged goods 

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