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What to do when I want to expose my business to my closest friends?

I am not an exhibitionist, nor am I ashamed of or shy about my downstairs. I find my swimsuit area neither special nor scary, and I don't want my closest friends to be nervous of accidentally seeing it, as I think it would be no big deal. I don't believe I would gain any pleasure from this aside from a new comfort and closeness between my friends and I. I want to cut this stupid boundary out of my life and relationships. Do I do this? How should I do this? I'm tired of people thinking my equipment is sacred.

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    As someone who was a committed nudist for 3 decades of my life, the way you PHRASE your statement actually suggests that you might be an exhibitionist. Or want to be. This "new comfort and closeness between my friends and I" isn't really the language of a nudist. Neither is, "I want to expose my business to my closest friends". That flat out IS exhibitionist behavior. Nudists are far more likely to say something like, "I hate swimming in clothes. It's stupid. ". Or, "I just don't like wearing clothing". Or they go to the river, strip down, and go swimming without giving it much thought at all. Naked people don't have a "closer relationship" than people who wear clothing. You're talking about something else besides nudity. Every gym I've ever gone to has naked people in the shower/steam room. Every river I've swam in has a nook for nudity. I've lived in Florida, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.... all of whom have (had) nude beaches a person can safely go to if they can find them. And they all have people on them who aren't afraid to shed their clothing and still act like they always do and spend about zero time checking out or worshiping people's "equipment". Really.  Not a big deal. Just don't go naked around people who are uncomfortable with it. That is not only wrong in our culture, it's usually illegal. 

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    It is sacred. You're bordering on being an exhibitionist. If you continue feeling this way, see a therapist.

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    4 weeks ago

    M/F? I don't get the question. Do you want people to "Accidentally" see"It". What is "It" an innie or an outie?

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