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What kind of pet has the MOST dangerous pee?

My mom wont let me get a cat because she says that cat pee is a danger to my brain. I want to know what kind of pet has the MOST dangerous pee so I can say “at least i dont want a dog or possum or etc”. This counts racoons and snakes, I do live near farm land please help!! Thanks

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  • Lauren
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    3 weeks ago

    Why does your mom think cat pee is a danger to your brain? I've not heard this before. As long as you clean the litterbox daily (preferably twice a day) you shouldn't have an issue. Toxoplasmosis is usually what people bring up as a danger but that's going to be from feces that are left in the litterbox too long in a cat that is infected with toxoplasmosis. Again, not likely. Raccoons have some very dangerous parasites called baylisascaris procyanosis that come from feces and they can spread to your eyes and your brain. So having a pet raccoon is probably not the best idea. Leptospirosis is an issue in some parts of the country (causing kidney failure) and is spread by urine but is highly unlikely to be in cat urine. It's more likely to be found in unvaccinated dogs, rodents, and outdoor wildlife. 

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    Cat pee is the most dangerous because it has such high concentration of ammonia in it.

    Cats also pee indoors, while dogs pee outdoors

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