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I think my husband has feelings for another woman... ?

We’ve been married now for a few years and he recently met a woman at work. They hit it off and their friendship crossed over to outside of work. I met her a couple of times and it seemed innocent... but a few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a getaway for several days. Everything was great until I realized that he was still texting and sending her pictures regularly. It really upset me so I asked him to stop. He then said that I was overreacting and that he was just talking to his friend as usual... We were on vacation!!! I don’t think texting another woman (even if she’s a friend) should be a priority while we’re away If he can’t ignore her even for a few days while away shouldn’t I be worried? 

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    The whole friendship with her is inappropriate. A married person can keep their friends from before the marriage and have other couples as friends. They cannot strike up an emotional affair with a co-worker and call it friendship. Put your foot down about this one.

    If any person in my life, ANY made my husband as uncomfortable as to want me to drop them, I'd drop them. If he can't drop a "friend" of couple of weeks for your sake, you guys are in trouble.

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    i, a woman, always text and send pictures to my friends (also women) when i m on vacation with my husband. they send me pictures and texts too. this is called to keep in touch. whether your husband has feelings for that woman or she is just a friend and he likes to share things with friends i do not know. i myself like to share things with friends. 

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    Try sucking him in the mornings before work - empty his sack. That will reduce his sexual desires when he gets to work.

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    Men are dogs and simple to understand.  If you give your husband sexual attention on a regular basis, it's very unlikely that he'll stray.  But if you replace sex time, with nagging & yelling, of course he will never want to be around you.

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