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Puppy humping snuggle puppy ?

We recently brought home a puppy. The first two nights he did great with his snuggle puppy. The last two night, however, is a different story. He is now obsessed with humping the snuggle puppy. Some have said “let him go” and others have said “it’s not a good habit to let happen early”. 

I could really use some advice here. 

For the record, this is what I did: I removed the snuggle puppy and put a chew toy inside. I closed the crate and locked it. I set the snuggle puppy just outside the crate, close enough to him. Now he is fast asleep with his head towards the side of the crate with the SP, but obviously doesn’t have the option to hump it. Is this ok? How can I reintroduce the SP, without him humping it?

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    You do not understand what the humping means.  It is a dominance ploy trying to dominate the snuggle puppy.  Google, 'why dogs hump things'.  Learn just a little bit more about dogs in this research.  They have a behavior that is specific to dogs, Canine Behavior.

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    I presume  a `snuggle puppy` is some sort of cuddly toy. You are talking about a puppy here and I assume he is around 8-9 weeks old. The pup `may` have a dominant type temperament and is just doing to the toy, what he would be trying to do to his litter mates to let them know HE is the boss pup.  

    He will grow out of this habit as he matures, although as soon as he has received all his vaccinations I recommend you get him used to being around other dogs, but only calm and friendly ones at this young age. They will  put him in his place if he gets too cocky with them.

    Its very difficult to give any positive advice over a forum, in cases like this as we cannot SEE the pup  and note its body language and can only advise in general on what you have posted. 

    There is no need to provide him with an SP. But he may begin to hump other things as well if its removed from him.  

    Just divert his attention with a different toy or a game when he humps and don`t make too much of a big thing about it. 

    Review the situation as he matures and especially when he reaches adolescence when his testosterone hormones are very strong and he may push boundaries to  see how far he can go. YOU need to be leader at all times and have the pups respect. 

    If any humping is `excessive` when the pup reaches adulthood, it may make sense to have him castrated. But in very young pups its NOT a sexual problem.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years. UK
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