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what is your favourite Goya product?

I love their Chick Peas, Canola oil, and Mayo! They also make great pigeon peas, butter beans, and mixed vegetables for cooking. I also have 2 large cans of their white hominy for emergencies, I've had it cooked in smaller cans and its really good. Oh yeah its cheap and im an unemployed student. So those things are beneficial too 

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    Since i make chili in massive quantities-35 gallons at a time, canned Goya beans is my best friend. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Since the company took a partisan political stance, none of them.

  • **** Goya.             

  • 4 weeks ago

    Goya doesn't 'make' any of their canned vegetables, they buy them from various growers and pack them. I haven't noticed any difference between Goya canned peas/beans from other brands or non-name brands except for the higher price. Their bagged, dried peas, beans, barley, are competitively priced so I buy those. I like their adobo seasoning and their packaged yellow rice.

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