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do those sit down zero turn mowers that have a 6 foot wide deck really cost $ 10,000? is that not a lot of money?

I see all the lawn mowing services have those as their standard mowers....but i was wondering how it makes sense to pay $ 10,000 for a mower when you can get one that as maybe a 4 or 5 foot wide deck for $ 4,000  instead. even though you have to walk behind is good excercise and plus you can only mow a lawn so fast ,,and have the lawn still look nicely cut? am i right?


why do lawn mowing businesses pay $ 10,000 for a sit down zero turn mower that has a 6 ft. wide deck vs. a $ 4000 that has a 4 ft wide deck but you have to walk behind it (i mean you really can only mow a lawn so fast??

Update 2:

you can also put a stand up sulky on a walk behind mower to pull you around, but i think the excercise is good for you too? better than sitting down all day?

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    It probably gave them a better return on their money.  Why buy a $4000 mower when it is broken in one year.  The mowers are used the whole day everyday.  You need sturdy equipment.  And it is possible that they LEASE them only if they do not have much capital. 

    And of course if they have in the business for a LONG TIME,  one can assume that they know what they are doing than someone who think he knows everything but does NOT.

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    i would hope not, maybe you should buy some from amazon, theyre cheaper

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