should i call my doc about really bad pain?

i got shoulder pain last monday in the evening it went away after i slept was not there tuesday at all for my doc appointment, but the pain came back tuesday night really bad and then stayed. i called my doc on thursday about it and he said i can use pain patches,pain meds and heat and not to immoblize my shoulder at all. and i also got wrist pain as well from my shoulder hurting but the brace i have makes the wrist pain better. friday i was so sore i threw up a few times and did not want to eat. yesterday was not hungry in the morning at all and had to force myself to eat breakfast and today i am not that much hungry either, had to force myself to eat a sandwhcih and i am still nauseous as well and in a lot of pain. i made a doctors appointment for online to see my doc on thursday of this week but idk if i should call him 2morrow and see what i can do till my appointment on thursday or just wait till thursday. again the pain is in shoulder and wrist and really hurts bad and makes me nauseous and not hungry much. call doc or wait till my appointment?

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago
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    i would go to the er, pain from your shoulder could be coming from your heart

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