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How to count Calories in multi-ingredient recipe AFTER cooking?

For example, a basic meatloaf. 

The calories in the raw ingredients are different after cooking. Like say, 2 lbs raw ground beef and 1 diced onion. Obviously the spices probably don't change much after cooking, and maybe things like the ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire etc. also don't change much after cooking (or maybe they do, I don't know), but the ingredients that do change after cooking, is what is baffling me.

It's really easy to just measure/weigh all the ingredients out raw and then divide that by the serving size you have--- but who eats a recipe raw??

Am I over thinking this? Is the difference in calories between the raw recipe and the final cooked product a negligible amount, or is the difference serious enough I should be doing more calculating?

If so, how would I do that? I can't separate the ingredients after cooking and figure out the new individual totals. So--- how do you calculate calories in recipes with multiple ingredients that  (may) differ after cooking?

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    Unless you are on a VERY strict diet you are over thinking it. 

    If you find a recipe, take meatloaf as your example, it may give a calorie count if you are making up your own and the ingredients are slightly different just go with the basic recipe.  If your list of ingredients is way off then you might have to adjust a bit.  

    1 chopped onion will not change calorie count when cooked 

    1 cup of breadcrumbs or oatmeal or crackers will not change if you are adding it

    Your 2 pounds of raw ground beef will change a bit when the fat is cooked out.

    If you add 1/2 Cup of ketchup that will not change as it is water cooking out that will thicken it. 

    Again unless this is a VERY strict diet..relax, enjoy your food moderation is the key.

  • kswck2
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    4 weeks ago

    The calories are listed on the package as for the Raw ingredients-unless it has two sets-raw and cooked. But actually figuring out calories is a long mathematical formula that gives most people a headache to try and figure out for themselves. 

  • A
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    calorie counters will specify RAW or Cooked ground beef, so figure it with the raw,   cooking won't change calorie counts in ingredients.  Just add them all together and when the food is cooked figure out how many servings and divide the total calories by that number

  • denise
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    Its tricky,  If you work out that the ground beef [cooked] is less calories when the 'fat' has cooked off, You'd have to reckon the calories added from the sweet ketchup, mustard, egg, e.t.c.

    It could work out the same calories, more or less! 

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