Genan Hamideh asked in HealthDental · 5 months ago

Kernel went between two teeth. Took it out but now feel sore and in pain. Sore to bite down. Getting worse. No sensitivity to hot/cold. ?

Going on 4 days now. I ate popcorn one night and I was eating and all the sudden I felt like something was stuck in between my premolar and molar on the upper right. It was a feeling of a lot of pressure and even biting down the pressure didn’t go away. It didn’t hurt or anything just immense pressure like something is lodged. I tried every corner of the tooth with a tooth kick to get it out but nothing. Then alas I tried flossing in between the teeth premolar and molar and I felt better. The pressure was gone. But nothing came out. At least I think nothing came out. Thing is the next day now it feels irritated and getting worse. The tooth hurts like the gum and tooth feel irritated. it’s “sore” if that makes sense. When I push on it with my tongue it just feels sore. It doesn’t hurt when chewing. When I bite on it I feelS sore. It’s constantly having a dull ache there even when not using it but it doesn’t hurt when I eat. Its also not sensitive to hot or cold. But if I talk I feel I put pressure against the tooth and it starts bothering more. I just feel like that tooth moved when I ate the popcorn and now I am worried. Like it shifted when I bit down on the popcorn and now I’m worried it’s fractured. If it was a fracture wouldn’t it be throbbing right now? if it was a fracture wouldn’t I feel it right away? Not just the pressure? I don’t know what to do. Does it sound fractured? Pain is slowly getting worse but still doesn’t hurt when eating. Constant dull ache. 

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