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Could I become pregnant?

Okay I'm on cycle day 11 of an 31-33 cycle well yesterday (CD 10) and today (CD 11)  I got an peak on my clear blue fertility monitor so today is my second peak and all of my digital ovulation tests was positive also .. I never ovulated this early always around cd 16-17 

Well This morning I have unprotected sex but he pull out when he about to *** and wash his penis ( he did not used the bathroom) he went in me again for about 3-5 minutes  

What are the chance of me becoming pregnant? and when should I test?

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    Sperm can live for up to five days and wait for the egg.

    It only takes one sperm.  Washing the outside of the penis did NOTHING since the sperm would be in the urethra.  When he went back in - he could have deposited some sperm from the previous ejaculation.  

    It DOES NOT take a couple of days for the sperm to reach the egg.  The sperm can reach the egg in as short as 30 minutes after sex.  If there is no egg - the sperm can live up to five days and wait for the egg.  Sex on day 11 and ovulation on day 15 can result in pregnancy.

    Could you become pregnant - YES - Will you become pregnant - maybe - maybe not.  Even when everything happens at the right time and an egg is fertilized - it doesn't always correctly attach (implant) and the pregnancy never actually begins.

    Ovulation can be early or late during any cycle.  Ovulation tests are only reading the hormones that need to be present for ovulation to happen.  Hormone levels only mean conditions are right for ovulation - it doesn't indicate WHEN ovulation actually happens.  (the conditions can be right and ovulation doesn't happen too.)

    The right time to test is when your period is missing - OR 21 days after the last time you had sex.  It can take UP TO 21 days after sex to get a positive result.  If your period is missing and a test is negative - then test once per week until you either get a period or a positive test.

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    Not yet.  It takes a couple of days after sex for the sperm to travel to meet up with an egg.  If the egg and sperm are both viable, conception can occur.  It takes another couple of days for the egg to implant. So, it would be about a week after unprotected sex.  Of course, if the man doesn't ejaculate in you, the likelihood of sperm reaching the fallopian tubes is low.  

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    Yes, if you're having unprotected sex you could become pregnant.  

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