How can I as a fast-food worker get a clerical or retail job ?

Target rejected me and I'm just tired of working in the fast-food industry. I have a high school education and I am currently taking a medical administrative assistant course. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Keep trying.  Job hunting can be a numbers game to a great extent.  The more places you apply, the better shot you have.  Also consider a stepping stone job maybe at a grocery store.  Then after a bit of time you can try Target or other retail.  It would have more similar job duties and may be easier to get.

  • You would probably be more likely to get a job in retail then in clerical work. The skills you have would probably be more transferable to a retail job. 

    Since you're taking a medical administrative course, try applying for jobs in that field. 

    Or work in retail until you can complete your course. 

    Also with retail, you may get less hours (some stores are closing earlier due to covid 19 they have to clean every thing really well before they leave) then fast food and you may get less pay since you're usually starting at the bottom. 

    I tried going the other way, from retail to fast food but I didn't like working in fast food at all. Thankfully I kept both jobs so I could go back to retail. I ended up working in a picking and packing ware house job, I actually like this job.

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    4 weeks ago

    Keep applying...............

  • 4 weeks ago

    Keep applying and also developing your skills.  It shouldn't be too hard to transition from fast-food to retail if you already know how to ring up a sale.  You just have to apply to a lot of different places.

    Getting a clerical job will be harder. The key is whether or not you have the specific skills and abilities required.  

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