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Do you know the name/ author of this book?

Ok so i read this book years ago and can't remember what it as called, i can only remember bits from the whole series.

The main character is a girl (i think around 10 or young teen girl) who has a magical gift. I think it was something like seeing the future but it might have been something else. Her mother is a healer (uses herbs but i don't think they used any magic). 

In the first book and near the beginning, her mother is shot with an arrow in the arm and the girl ends up in a castle with a man (i think he's a lord or something) trying to use her ability.

There is also a part where the girls brother and a different man end up being taken prisoner and end up in a cell were the wall are made up of stone faces that distorts the wind going through them.

I think the man with the brother has a flute or something that has an ability too

The girl also ends up meeting another girl under a cart while hiding and they end up becoming close friends and the main character's family kind of adopt her.

Not much to go on but any help would be great!!

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    I'm afraid I can't identify your book, but may I beg you not to keep on saying a character "ends up" doing something. Clearly they don't "end up" until the end of the book.

    For example, "The girl also ends up meeting another girl" - what's wrong with "The girl also meets another girl"?

    You used it five times. That's four times too many.

    Having said all that, let me add that if you don't get your answer here, it's well worth posting the question on the BookSleuth forum of  - there are people there with amazing memories and search skills.

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