How to switch careers?

Have you made the jump yourself? Im 29, in union construction. Decent pay and benefits. I've been doing this work 6 years now and in bored out of my mind. 4 as a helper, 2 as a tile installer. No college as of yet. I'd like a more fulfilling career, helping people, helping animals, or even representing a company whose products i truly believe in, from car manufacturers to power tool companies. I'd love to spare my knees and back from the trades as well as my lungs. Politics are overtaking my line of work, long drives, carrying tools downtown in the subzero temperatures, and the ongoing "feast or famine" culture my line of work experiences. You may work 60 hours one week, and be filing for unemployment the next. i want a career that isn't just roughing it to barely get by. How did you decide on your new career field and do you have any advice on transitioning smoothly? I have a mortgage, pets, utilities... thanks in advance!

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  • 1 month ago
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    Several things to consider:

    1. You have to figure out what general type of job you want and then go to school to get the skills and credentials to do that job.

    2. No jobs are without politics or uncertainty. Don't think that being a sales rep or office worker is any more stable. Non-union pay scales may be much lower than what you are getting now. 

    3.  There are ways to find some fulfillment outside of work. You can volunteer at animal shelters, soup kitchens, churches, etc.

    Start thinking about things that interest you and you're naturally good at or comfortable with.  Are you personable? Would you be a good at sales?  Would you be willing to work at a retail store that sells tile where you'd be the tile guru? Would you be willing to take a pay cut to work as an inside sale rep or customer service agent? Do you have the time and energy to go to school online to earn a degree? Are you willing to get a housemate to help cover your mortgage? Are you good with numbers and finance?  

    Being a manufacturer's sale rep or a car salesman or a real estate agent is probably going to require a combination of a college degree and working your way up.  You can look on websites like Indeed and enter either a job title like sale rep or a company name like Black & Decker.  You'll see what is required for various jobs. 

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