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Why can loud sounds hurt our ears?

If the loudness of a sound is based on amplitude, shouldn't loud sound actually be safer to listen to since less of it is actually getting in the ear? idk, I took a class in school today and I'm still really confused. I'm a kid, so please don't get angry at me for asking a stupid question.

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    Sound travels via the vibration of particles. When the vibrations are larger, the sound is more intense (carries more energy in the same volume of air for example) and when they're smaller the sound is less intense.

    "less of it is actually getting in the ear"

    Do you mean when the amplitude increases, less of it "fits" in the ear?

    This is irrelevant because the amplitude is microscopic. It will fit no matter how loud it is.

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    How is less of it getting in the air? With loud sounds, there is MORE air motion.

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