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Not much of an pet/ animal person?

I don’t hate animals of pets of any I guess I just get frightening when I see one especially dogs, puppies and or cats and kittens. So therefore I just don’t have any connection there but I was told I am wrong for that! Obviously I don’t hate any of them or whoever that has love for these animals I respect that but once I ask a neighbor of how can we control her kitten from littering pooping everywhere in my front lawn and my backyard since summer is here and my kids loves going outside running around but sadly I just have to keep them inside most days because there are so many cat poops everywhere the front and back. I guess I was wrong asking or probably I had the wrong person. I believe majority are her cats and others are from this neighbors. It looks to me that the cats are let free outside which it don’t bother me much but when I see that the poops are becoming a problem I thought I should do something about it since communication turn wrong the first time I decided to set up a sprinklers sensor just at night time to kinda scare the cats I guess from littering because I see that al lot from my security cameras. Though sensor will come on lately these past nights my neighbor are complaining about it to Everyone around us. Am I’m wrong for doing so. It really just water sprinklers that comes on for a few seconds seconds when something comes on my lawn then goes back out quick. I’m not even comfortable going in and out with my kids of the house anymore.

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    Trap the roaming pests and haul them off to the kill shelter then.

    And keep your sprinklers on.   They wouldnt be going off if people wouldnt let their pests out to roam and crap in yoir yard.   Your kids should be able to go outside and play and not have to play in a cats toilet

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    tell whoever told you that to mind their own business.

    you are free to like or dislike whatever you want. but fear is the mindkiller, and only exists because you know nothing about them.

    watch a few youtube videos about them, and you will learn that they are mostly harmless, as long as they are not growling or hissing, and as long as you don't sneak up on them.

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