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First time teaching a hobby of mine, need help from teachers?

So I have been teaching a hobby of mine for years on social media. I have almost 2000 followers. So I promised them to start a YouTube channel to help them out. The thing is in the past year I feel a hard time explaining things to them, like the more I learn about my hobby the more its difficult to put in simple terms for them.

The other challenge is they have huge gaps in their knowledge about this hobby. Like some are advanced and can get difficult concepts and others still do not know the basics. I am not sure how to use my YouTube channel to relate to both. I am planning to post three times a week. How to address advanced and beginners on the same time. And any tips to simplify concepts

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    4 weeks ago

    Then post a beginner video and one that is more advanced. You can refer beginners to your other posts. If you a new to this and don’t know terms and techniques please see my other three videos.  What are you teaching? 

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