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Would "The Office" be better or worse with laugh tracks?

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    Look, laugh tracks work.  I wish they didn't, but they do.  But they are also grating on many people.  Especially since the sitcom norm has been to OVERUSE them.  They effectively hack your brain.  You are a social animal and when other people laugh, you are more likely to do so.  

    But by overusing them, they become an irritant.  Unfunny shows need the laugh track to be funny.  The Office was funny on it's own, so adding the laugh track would put a lot of people off without adding much.  

    I've gotten to the point where I don't watch shows with laughtracks.

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    Worse. Aside from laugh tracks being outdated, outdated even before when The Office first aired, outdated because they sucked so much, The Office's premise would fall apart because its premise is viewers are a fly on the wall, that what you're seeing is footage that documentary film makers have gathered while in a real office filming real office workers as they go about their normal day, including occasionally pulling various office workers aside for one-on-one interviews, which we know gives interviewees an illusion of privacy that often leads them to say things without really registering that, because the camera becomes just a regular fixture in the background, what they're saying will be heard by others, most especially those they're talking about. 

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