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How easily can an individual be overpowered?

Can a petite small framed woman , fight off 3 large men ? If she's previously trained with self defense techniques?

What if she has no prior training?

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    Defending against more than one adversaries is never an easy task even for someone with training. Fighting more than a couple of attackers makes it even more difficult. And it doesn't matter if the attackers are small, medium or large in size. While someone who is highly trained has some chance, a person with zero training has zero chance unless she can outrun her attackers.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Probably not, except in a Hollywood movie. If you find yourself in said scenario, don't waste time doing anything other than eye gouges (use fingers, keys, pens, sticks), then run. You might have a chance. Most men don't know how to fight, just intimidate. Mostly, it will be your mental mindset that will decide the difference. Three tough, determined men, you're phu ck ed. Three poseurs, you might have a chance. 

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