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Is marriage too risky for men?

Because of the high divorce rate at almost 50% and it’s usually the woman who files for divorce. Plus having to spilt everything. Money,property,retirement accounts and anything else.  Plus paying child support and sometimes spousal support.  It’s it just too risky for men to marry? Look at it from a risk and reward issue. The risk is high.  Plus you may have a hard time seeing your own children as she will have custody of them.

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    I agree with you .   The courts have made it so unfair for men in a divorce that it isn't worth it .

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    Well, the divorce rate has been steadily declining since the 1980s, so the 50% number (which wasn't even really that accurate in the first place) is even less accurate now. And, since most states split assets gained DURING THE MARRIAGE (not for your whole life), I think there's less risk than you'd think. At least statistically.

    That said, if you're truly concerned, pre-nups exist for a reason. They're pragmatic and pretty handy, especially since today's economic climate means that both parties come into marriage with assets that need to be protected. It's not 1950 anymore. Women have careers, money, businesses of their own, and assets to protect. The vast majority of couples are dual earners, not single earners.

    The other thing to consider is, you don't have to have kids. It's not a prerequisite for marriage. Plenty of women are child-free by choice and we get married anyway. You don't pay child support don't have kids. 

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    Men don't get custody because men don't ASK for custody.  My ex husband and I had no children.  I had, by far, the superior income.  I pay HIM spousal support and will for the next five years.

    The higher paid party pays the other party.  That is not a question of gender.  Sit in Family Court for a day, and you'll realize that FACT.

    And if men hire incompetent attorneys, how is that the woman's fault?

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    It sounds like it might be too risky for YOU, but in general I don't really feel the risk is any greater for me than for the woman. If we have children together, married or NOT, she will still get primary custody in most cases and I would still have to pay support. Again, this is without regard to whether or not we're formally married, so really what risks am I engaging in by getting married that are greater than her risks?

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