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I have been to the doctor twice over this. I have bad chest pain that radiates to my back. The doctor is treating me with doxycycline for suspected rocky mountain fever. I have had no fever or rash. He said to finish the antibiotics before I come back. He seems clueless and after four days the antibiotics do not seem to be doing much. What could this be? They did an ekg. It was normal and my blood work seemed normal and cardiac enzymes. They have not taken an xray.

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    Not enough info. However, chest pains would have nothing to do with Lyme, RMSF or taking antibiotics. Without knowing more details, I'd suspect something like an esophageal erosion, hiatal hernia or just plain anxiety.

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    What about seeing a chiropractor? I wonder, since all your lab work and cardiac exams are normal, if it's muscular or skeletal. 

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