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CE - Do You Think We Should Get Rid Of Immigrants Who Have Settled Here In The Last 10 Years So Jobs Will Open Up For Brits ?

Most immigrants who arrive to the UK go to live in London, Manchester and Birmingham. The low skilled jobs there are £9+ per hour. My friends took on cleaning jobs that pay them £12 p/h from March in hospitals and care homes. I also have friends who are picking fruit for £10 p/h and others working in Tesco, Asda and Co-op for £9.75 or more. My aunt is working as a Care Assistant for £10.50 p/h and her daughter works in a hospital as a Catering Assistant for £9.50 p/h. If unemployment rates continue to rise then we need to cut down on immigration and send them back to Africa, Asia and Europe so jobs would open up for Brits. I’m well aware that there are some Brits who don’t work and are on welfare but they tend to be people who live in poor areas where there are few jobs. 

Also, what if we end up with violent riots because there are no jobs? 

And why do some Brits say that British people are too lazy to do the jobs foreigners do? Because I travel up and down the country and have seen White British people work in retail, hospitality, catering, nursing, cleaning and in care roles.

Finally, the ones on welfare can either get a job or lose their benefits.

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  • gerald
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    6 months ago

    First you must realise we had an industrial revolution and we led the world into the 20th century we had great men scientists engineers we invented loads of things brilliant minds and innovation we could supply ourselves with anything made her and the jobs were fantastic jobs for life sometimes people hired and trained to high degrees of accuracy from making a claw hammer to a nuclear power station we could do it  , then the capitalists decided it was cheaper buying it in and more profit , so they got it made in third world for huge profits we dont train anybody now just how to write English properly and for CVs to work in acoffee bar for £2 an hour and of course the British that thought they were better than that a foreigner will do , in a tv chefs eatery washing up , our ancestors earned us a right to a first world status , but the runts of the once great want us as then lackies slaves menial undeserving they sold your inheritance to a decent life for their benefit , university students as baristers £2an hour and China has all the benefit its rolling in British money its nat a rant its the truth i lived through it and saw it all from it to sh** in 40 years of tories including Blaire the billionaire socialist yeah as they do 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    We should just hurry up with the Brexit, then there will be a lot less jobs, problem solved. 

  • 6 months ago

    By gad I don't pay Cheffy anywhere near that much 

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