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How to identify stocks what increase in revenue and increase in stock price?

Why Revenue growth mutiples but stock price stagnate? How to identify stocks what increase in revenue and increase in  stock price?

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    Neither you or any one else can identify stock prices based on increased revenue.

    There is no correlation between stock price and earning nor between sales, nor between profits  and earning.

    There is only one factor that drives up the price of a stock and that's Buyers.  If there are no buyers out there the price of stock will drop regardless of the firm's sales, earning and/or profits.  Anyone who believes differently is a fool.

    Source(s): 40+ years on The Street
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    Stocks don't have revenue, companies do. Until you learn that a company and its stock are 2 completely separate things, you will never make much money in the markets.

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    An increase in revenue is never a guarantee that a stock will go up. It is a pretty good indicator, though. I encourage you to look at a filled earnings calendar. You can also use a stock screener.

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