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Why do i get bullied everywhere i go?

I jst dont understand........i always use deodorant and perfume, I wear really expensive clothes, and i always style my hair(fade sides), and i shower everyday. i'm not even the person that jst sits in the corner with his phone......infact i always try to contribute to the favourite topics are games, cars, fashion, mma, footy, music and sports.


I never turn the topic to myself, i do my best to listen, i hardly ever complain in front of others, and i hardly ever interupt. Basically, i think my communication and body language is i try to make an eye contact, stand straight with relaxed hands. Despite that the few friends i have make fun of me, and girls hardly ever talk to me even knows i try to talk to them, and i feel so relaxed and calm

Update 2:

basically they joke around with me for bein a virgin at 21, but trust i want to lose my virginity myself asap, and i feel ready, its just that if a girl rejects me i will end up bein depressed for like a month cuz i always jump to conclusions that there is something wrong with me

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  • 5 months ago

    Perfume and really expensive clothes. Like a bullseye.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    If you have a lot of male friends then it makes sense that they make fun of you a lot. Men are naturally very insecure and have very fragile masculinity. While taking care of yourself shouldn’t be deemed feminine, it mostly is by a bunch of straight men. They’re most likely making fun of your effort even though most people will probably like you more cause of the effort you put in. Just be sure to be kind And empathetic otherwise and Most people should like you. 

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