how do i get the courage & confidence to go out for a walk when i don't feel like it?

i'm a lone man in my early forties, i struggle with my mental health, i have very bad paranoia, ptsd and a personality disorder....and when i go outside i tend to get really agitated easily, and feel paranoid that people are against me or talking about me....then i get worked up and feel angry.

since the gyms shut because of the virus pandemic lockdown, i have been going to the park to walk instead , a couple of times a week....but because i struggle with my mental health, walking in the park is very stressful, because as i mentioned, i get paranoid, worked up and agitated by people.....think people are against me.

today is a day that i must go out for my walk to the park as i haven't walked in over a week.....but im feeling nervous about leaving my flat...because of what i go through outside...........i walk past people sometimes and i hear them laughing and i think they are laughing at me or i'm being singled out by people..

i ask here; how can i summon the courage, strength and confidence to go for a healthy walk and not be bothered about people around me when i struggle with all these mental difficulties?

i don't want to get worked up or feel angry outside, as i tend to give off stern looks and and have an angry expression, and i don't want to do that.....i want to remain calm and relaxed and not be bothered by what others do.

any help?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Ravenhill, we've been through this a dozen times. I've given you suggestions, you've said they were helpful, but you're still posting basically the same thing over and over again.

    We GET that you have mental difficulties. What we don't get is why you won't see your doctor.

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