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Does social  detective  work for people viewing my facebook?

I downloaded social detective. I have about 40 friends on Facebook.  It shows about 45 viewers in order.  Some with a green arrow, some with a red arrow, some with a yellow line. What does the arrows  and yellow line mean? Why only 45 viewers  and what's the order mean? I'm sure hundreds of people view me, why not show all of them? Some people says it diesnt work, ok then why is my ex gf from 10 years ago viewing me? 

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  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    There are no Legit Tools Apps or Sites that will tell you who views your Profile they are all Fake Facebook does not Allow any Third Party Apps Sites or Softwares to Have the Capability of giving people that Information

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I think it works but I'm not sure. You could actually have  nobody viewing you, like nobody cares what your doing. Also, you could have thousands viewing you. I think it says 45 people because  your friends list is limited? The order maybe who viewed you first? My theory  is that the green arrow  means somebody viewed you recently,  and the red arrow was hours ago. The yellow line might mean no change or hasn't viewed in awhile. Eventually  if they have not viewed you they disappear.  Hope this helps. 

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