What would be the main destructive outcomes we’d see if we applied postmodernism across all of society?

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  • Postmodernism is scepticism of the meta narratives held within the modernist movement of the western civilisation. It acts as a point of tension with those narratives which we may have accepted without realising it. And attempts to include the narratives of marginalised groups. Other continents, of their philosophical traditions and of past trends as well as our past trends. Mixing it up. New and old. West and east. 

    It is cynical of theories of objective reality. It sees in them other motives. The way society is structured can be tied in with the theories accepted as meta narratives. It seeks to unstructure the theories by attacking the simple concepts which underlies it. Comments of how these simple concepts results in problems in society at large. And so for postmodernism philosophy and sociology are connected. 

    It is fundamentally anti authoritarian pro democracy. And its philosophy is structured to allow for such variety. 

    That is what I gather. 

    I think it does not do harm to listen. You do not have to agree with the conclusions but hearing the objections allows you to formulate philosophy better. Philosophy which is less susceptible to the criticism of postmodernists. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A question about the effect on society would be better asked in the SOCIOLOGY or SOCIETY & CULTURE forums because sociologists, not philosophers, are the ones who primarily study and predict such things. 

    Postmodernism also has as much or more to do with science, art, literature and architecture than it does with philosophy, and its effect on them is not particularly destructive. In fact, so-called postmodernism wasn't even discussed in a philosophical context before the late 1970's and really hasn't had all that big of an impact on philosophy as a whole.

    Therefore I wouldn't be too concerned about it being applied across all society since it hasn't yet had much of a philosophical impact on society over the past half-century. I suggest that for a glimpse at the possibilities that you read some of the fiction and science-fiction literature devoted to post-modern themes. 

    One of those themes is that the world is already transitioning from a work-oriented society to a consumer-oriented society. It doesn't take an astute observer to see the negative effects this is having on the world. One of them a generation of children and young adults who spend more of their lives immersed in computer-based fantasy games than experiencing the real world around them and as a result they not only lack social skills and have trouble coping with life in general, they lack creative skills and the basic knowledge to survive in an increasingly complex and dangerous world. . 

  • 1 month ago

    Impossible for what is already happening ......a modern age is coming onto mankind like it or not and trying bringing to bring postmodernism into this modern wave is like throwing a stick into a tidal wave.......Sorry  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Postmodernism - a term as meaningless and irrelevant as filofaxes and facsimile machines are today. 

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