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In your opinion: what are the most realistic movies, and what are the best movies about your home (US) state? ?

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    What do you mean by "realistic", almost all movies stretch reality for dramatic or comedic effect.

    I will say the most realistic movies about my state, (Texas), "Friday Night Lights", "The Last Picture Show" and "Urban Cowboy".

    When they were filming Urban Cowboy I was living in Pasadena Texas where they were filming, I hung out at Gilley's and had friends working in the refineries, the entire movie was almost like a depiction of an average weekend for us.

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    I was born in Jersey, raised in Maryland.

    So basically any Kevin Smith movie would qualify for Jersey.

    Maryland has to be the Wire, but that's a TV show, not a movie.  I guess Patriot Games?  That was partially set in Annapolis, MD which is just south of my parent's house.  I recognized about a half dozen shooting locations.  There was a scene where Harrison Ford is being tailed as he leaves the Naval Academy that was right along the route my bus took to take me to high school.

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    Good Will Hunting, The Departed,  Fever Pitch, Mystic River, The Verdict

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    I thought "Do the Right Thing"  was the truest depiction of Brooklyn I've ever seen on film. 

    Clearly made by someone who understood and had lived in Brooklyn. 

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