What is it? ?

I have some sort of arm seizures for three years now in my right arm. They used to occur every time I was thinking or anxious about it which was around 30 times a day but now I still have the issue to this day. They are happening now during the night only and they are more intense, so my arm starts shaking and vibrates as my shoulder pulls upwards . Yes i went doctors millions of times and they don’t know what it is , it scares me as it doesn’t go away and nobody can help :/ and bothers my sleep as I wake up to it ... any idea what could this be ? They have checked to see if it was Parkinson’s or anything with that little test but my arm strength is good . Maybe it’s a trapped nerve or something? Should I worry...? Thank you guys maybe one of yours had the same issue .. It also  goes numb for the duration of the seconds. 

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